Roof Truss Plans

If you are building or remodeling a home, garage, or backyard storage shed, roof truss plans are something to look into to help your project along. Many of these plans are available for free online.

Using a roof truss rather than a traditional roof frame will help keep your costs down, and we all know how important that is with the economy these days! If you search you will find roof truss plans available online and this can help reduce costs even further because you will not need to have someone else find the proper roof truss plans for you.

Using Software to create Roof Truss Plans

Software is also available to help you create your own roof truss plans. A quick search of the internet will show that many roof truss design software options are available. Some of the software is free, and some of the software requires a purchase before you can use it. Trial versions of software that create roof truss plans are usually available, so be sure and give the ones that interest you a try. Not all are created equal, so one may work better for your particular roof truss plans than another one would.

Once you have found the roof truss plans that suit your needs, you have a couple of options. Some of these plans are simple enough that you can build them yourself. If your project is small, this may be the least expensive option for you. If your project is larger or more complex, the roof truss plans can be given to your contractor to be built, or have the plans sent to a factory that builds prefabricated roof trusses. In general, using a factory to build your truss according to the plans you have chosen will probably be cheaper than using a general contractor. The factory is equipped with machinery and has experienced workers who will be able to assemble the truss according to the roof truss plans you send in more quickly and efficiently than a contractor who may not have much experience building these.

Finding Roof Truss Plans

Many websites offer roof truss plans that include extras as well. Listed below are some of the extras you may find.

  • How to adjust the plans to accommodate any size roof
  • How to properly calculate the dimensions needed
  • How to properly cut angles so that your truss fits together perfectly
  • How to determine spacing between multiple trusses
  • How to adjust any trusses that are already in place
  • How to shingle your roof once the truss has been built

Most of the extras mentioned here come with plans that are not free, however, the cost of many of these are so small – sometimes less than $10 – that it is probably well worth the money spent. A few websites also offer free support via email if you have any questions that are not covered in the material you will receive. Free shipping is often offered as well, and because of this you will be able to maximize your savings potential on your roof truss plans.

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