Prepare your Austin roof for fall & winter weather!

These fall-readiness guides will get your home primed for the cold in no time, from the roofing shingles to the winter garden.

The coming of autumn is characterized by Reds, Yellows, Browns, Witches and Goblins. It’s necessary to brace for the pressure colder weather will bring on your home as we head into the winter months. These posts will help sharpen your talents, from the snow blower to the roofing shingles, across inspection hot-points!

Having the roof up close and personal

Maybe your primary and strongest line of protection is your Austin roof against the harsh winter weather. The roof canopy that’s responsible for top-down security of your house. To better manage the fine points about ensuring that you are roof-ready, the Austin Roofers at Davis Roofing have put together a one-stop guide. Check out our ‘Get Your Roof Fit for Winter’ guide.

Don’t forget to check your attic or crawl space for roof leaks. Repairing any issues you discover will reduce the possibility of water damage to the interior of your home. When checking for leaks, make sure to inspect the attic insulation. Adding insulation is an excellent way to protect against Austin’s cold weather.

Season Planning, Inside-Out

In the ice, overflowing pipes and seized-up hoses will offer disgusting surprises. Start with our friends at with this helpful indoor / outdoor October Maintenance guide to get your home plumbing, heating and utilities, as well as your winter appliances and equipment, prepared for the cold!

The winter season in Austin can bring with it some harsh weather. This winter, don’t be left out in the cold! During the cooler fall months, make all the necessary roof repairs. Dasis’ trusted roofing contractors are here to help if your roof requires extra attention or repairs. Davis Roofing can provide you with a free roofing inspection today. WDR makes Austin safer one roof at a time.

Airflow, ducts and tune-up for the furnace

Perhaps the only thing worse than the tapping-out snow blower under Old Man Winter’s weight is that the heater goes with it. Angie ‘s List offers some outstanding insight into making the furnace savvy and the costs that could be involved. Follow-up on how to search and clean your air ducts with this fantastic item, so you can ensure your warm air keeps flowing!

Gardening Winter

While for the next few months it may be coated in sleet, snow or torrential rain, there is no reason to leave your home garden and landscaping. We’re calling, complete with glossary and words for the greenest of thumbs, about their outstanding pre-winter gardening advice.

Falling limbs from nearby trees are a common cause of roof damage. Take the time to inspect the trees around your home to ensure that no dead or dying tree limbs are threatening your roof. High winds, heavy rain, ice, sleet, and snow can all be expected in Austin during the winter. Remove any branches that are easily accessible and could cause damage. You should consider hiring an arborist to remove any large tree branches, especially those that are at a great height.

Outdoor treatments and home preventive care

Be careful to remove debris from window wells before getting the fall clean to your home and inspect the outside of the base for cracks and holes where snow and heavy rain will cause issues.

After installation, asphalt shingle roofs frequently show some granule loss. Loose granules are frequently left over from the manufacturing process, where they are added to ensure that the granule layers are completely absorbed into the material.

Excess granules could wash off in the first few months. Most of the time, the process will conclude on its own. If the loss continues after several months or if the roof appears to be damaged, contact the installer. Any flaws should be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

If you are looking for help to tune up your Austin roof for winter then call the team at Davis Roofing today!

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