How To Choose The Right Roofing Company in Austin

Thank you for your interest and welcome to our Residential Roof section. We have designed this section with you, the homeowner, in mind. Our residential customers are very important to us. Our mission is to provide the absolute best service from your first call, through the re-roofing process and beyond.

Your roof is not only the “CROWN” regarding the appearance of your home but also your first line of defense against the elements. High-quality materials are crucial in providing you with an aesthetically pleasing and long lasting roof. We only install the highest quality materials on our projects. In regards to residential roofs, there are two basic types of roof structures; Low slope, flat, and Pitched. Specific materials are required for each type.

Asphalt Shingles Utah Knowing the correct type of roof material for your roof structure is imperative to the effectiveness and life span of your roof. We are experts in this area, we will not cut corners. Let us answer your questions and solve your roofing problems for you. Whether your roof repair is urgent because of weather damage, or simply important because it’s time, choosing the right Austin area roofing contractor is easy when you know the 5 factors to consider:

The 5 Factors To Consider Before Choosing an Austin Roofing Company

  1. Experience ~ How long has the roofing contractor been in business? Studies show you achieve greater success in choosing companies with more than 10 years operating experience. It’s key to double-check they’ve been operating under the same name for that period and not combining experience from multiple previous companies!
  2. Environmental Restrictions ~ When speaking with the company, do they ask about your home’s location and discuss with you any wind zone requirements? Every project and repair is unique and a true professional will ask you.
  3. Permits ~ No matter what you might have heard, you need the right permit (or permits.) New legislation makes all projects subject to proper permitting. Failure to comply can result in devastating additional tear-down costs and expensive delays.
  4. Insurance ~ Perhaps it seems silly to suggest, however some companies operate without proper insurance. Ensure your roofing contractor has Workers Comp and at least 1 Million dollars in liability insurance.
  5. Client Coverage ~ And while contractor insurance is a start, it’s vitally important the company you choose goes the extra step and adds you as an additionally insured before performing any project work. That way you too are covered from claims resulting from any accident or mishap on the project.

Next Steps: The Roofing Contractor Selection Process

So you’ve created a shortlist of Austin area roofing companies. Now what? Well if your list was created by simply checking the local phone book or doing some online searching, the next thing you do is dig deeper.

Today it’s easy to appear credible and professional online. A slick website and some cool copywriting and you’d never know that the company you might be considering is simply one guy and a truck.

Your home usually represents your biggest investment, repairing it or improving it is not something you should leave to chance. That’s why the next step with your selection process is to conduct a series of phone interviews.

Conduct Brief Phone Interviews With Your Top Choices

Print out the 5 factors above and jot down the name and phone number of your top choices. Call and speak with each company and see how easy the process is. Take note of their openness and the ease with which they answer your questions. Finally ask them for references. Jot this information down on the paper and do the same for the next company until you’re complete.

When you’re done, you’ll have a better sense of the company’s approach and their style of doing business. Now take things a little further with your due-diligence, and start checking the references.

Check References For Your Favorites

Do not skip this step. Sadly studies show that improperly conducted roof repairs and renovations result in an expensive “do over” almost 40% of the time due to shoddy and unprofessional workmanship. This can be avoided following the process outlined above.

If at any time during your phone interview or during the reference checks you sense something is ‘off’ then make a note of it. You’ll need to look into that more closely at a later time. Note, having a ‘bad’ call with a company should not immediately exclude them from your list, we’re all human and have off days, however just be certain to check back again to confirm.

Request an On-Site Visit and Firm Quotation

Finally, contact your chosen contractor and request a site inspection and a written quotation for the repair or replacement roof. Ensure you study the terms and you should find the experience very enlightening since you’ll be dealing with a roofing company that you selected.

Each company is a little different in how they handle the process and with a little time and patience on your part, you’ll be able to discover what the process is and how it fits in with your plans.

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