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There is a time that every house will need a new roof. Depending on if the roof was first installed correctly and the maintenance of the roof has been done properly, your roof can last for many years.  If you notice leaks, torn shingles, or rotting wood you should call Davis Roofing of Central Texas right away. Davis Roofing specializes in replacing or repairing numerous roof types including:

Commercial and Residential Roofing in Austin TX

Davis Roofing, a Texas roofing contractor, is dedicated to providing customers with roofing services that incorporate the highest degree of craftsmanship, integrity, and quality. Since 1991, our objective has been to provide the highest quality roofing in Austin. Using only the best of current technologies and materials. There are many roofing contractors in Austin to choose from, however, only one has been selected over 18,000 times by discerning local area homeowners – here’s why:

We Understand Your Home is More than ‘Just a House’ to You

Whether it’s to repair a storm-damaged roof or to increase your property value, you need to know your roofing contractor has the experience and skills to get the job done right the first time – and we do. In fact, Roofing Company Austin has been helping families and commercial property owners since 1991.

Our employees bring over 100 years of combined roofing installation experience to the job site.  We have long-term employees, the average time with our company is 10 years, we are not putting inexperienced trainees on your project.   Strict quality control and commitment to excellence are our standards on each and every residential roofing and commercial roofing job.  No other company can provide a better roof installation. Whether it be a large commercial flat roof project or a small residential shingle roof or anything in between. Unsurpassed in the industry from our customer service to our quality and integrity.

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Attic Ventilation Solutions

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Roof Decking

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Austin Skylight Installation & Repair

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Single Ply Sheet Membrane Roofing Systems

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Your Austin Roofers

Our team of expert Austin roofers at Davis Roofing are ready to help you with your roofing project. We can help with all of the following roofing services:

  • Roof repair
  • Insurance-paid roofing repair for storm damage
  • Roof replacement
  • Roof installation
  • Asphalt Roofing
  • Roof inspection
  • And more!

If you are ready for a roof that is a perfect match for your Austin TX home, give us a call! We would be happy to lend you our roofing expertise, to get your roofing project completed on time and under budget. Our local roofers have an expert eye for detail, which you are sure to appreciate with your durable and weather-tight Austin roofing!


I just want to make a quick aside to give a shout-out to the folks at Hook-n-Haul Austin Dumpster Rentals that have helped us out with providing dumpsters so many tear-offs. If you have an upcoming project, they are your go-to in Austin.

Roofing Company Austin: Working to a Project Plan You Can Understand

And while each roof repair or renovation is unique Roofing Company Austin has successfully completed so many projects we’ve developed a proven system that makes it even easier to choose us. With Roofing Company Austin’s unique approach, you’re never ‘in the dark’ and the entire process is clear and easy to follow.

roofing company austinStep by step, Roofing Company Austin will provide regular updates to keep you in the loop and you’re only ever a phone call or email away from your project manager who can answer any questions. From the first time you meet us, you’ll see how the Roofing Company Austin commitment to detail sets us apart.

  • Superior, Proven Processes. Everything we do is closely managed according to the highest standards, and backed by policies and procedures to ensure consistently outstanding work.
  • No-Hassle Labor Warranty. We stand by our work, and our response time for answering calls is unmatched.
  • Training. Our crews receive continuous training and are certified by top industry associations.
  • Professional Construction Management. We hire only the best construction managers from the home building industry to oversee your project, and continuously solicit customer feedback to make sure we are always improving.

No Surprises

Working with a roofing contractor like Roofing Company Austin also has the added advantage of depth and breadth. We’re thoroughly briefed on the latest zoning and legislation bylaws and we understand precisely what permits are required for the various stages of your project. Read about Roof Trusses

Replacing Your Roof

Excessive energy costs indicate that it’s past time to replace your roof. Call Davis Roofing of Central Texas if your energy bills seem unnecessarily high or if you notice any of these visible warning signs:

  • Exterior decay, mildew, or mold
  • Dark spots on your roof
  • Missing, cracking, or curling shingles
  • Leaking in the attic
  • Interior ceiling or wall stains
  • Blistering or peeling paint

Knowledgeable, Experienced, Personable

Roofing is a major undertaking, but you will find that we do it as promptly and painlessly as possible without inconvenience to you. You will be pleasantly surprised at how easy this process will be and how beautiful your new roof will look.

Whether your roof is storm damaged, in need of replacement, or new construction, Davis Roofing can provide you with a new, quality roof that exceeds your expectations.

We specialize in handling insurance claims including helping to complete the paperwork and file the claim. We also meet with the adjuster and once the roof is completed, we file for depreciation.

Davis Roofing Company Facts

  • Locally owned
  • Family operated
  • Insured for your protection
  • We are a company with a reputation for integrity and customer satisfaction

Allow us to introduce to you our unparalleled services that will exceed your expectations!

No-Risk Austin Roofing Experts

And while the members of the Roofing Company Austin staff are fully trained, bonded, and experienced – we know sometimes (no matter how careful) things can sometimes go ‘off-plan and that’s why every project is fully insured.

Each project includes Workers Compensation coverage for all our crews and $2MM liability (twice the industry standard) plus we also ensure you are added to the policy as an additional insured for extra coverage.

Getting a Project Proposal You Can Count On

Now you know our Austin TX Roofing Company can do the job you seek, you need to know how much the project will cost – and that’s where we excel once again.

Roofing Company Austin gives quotes that are firm. When we meet at your home and review every detail of the project so you know exactly what to expect for the entire duration of the project. It’s not an estimate, it’s a number you can bank on.

And when you decide to work with Roofing Company Austin, a meeting is arranged with your All-Tex project representative and construction supervisor to ensure you are completely satisfied with all the details. Only then the project can begin.

Austin Roof Repair Done Right

From project start to project end we clearly define the dates and what you can expect – even going so far as to let you know when our construction crew will arrive and any possible delays caused by the weather!

And we’re only finished when you say so – because after construction you attend a final walk-through to review our work and complete a detailed checklist to assure quality control. For rating on Davis Roofing as well as other top roofing companies in the Austin area, check out this Top 10 Best Austin Roofers post.

Austin TX Shades & Awnings

Specializing in custom-made shades & awnings and custom-made weather protection for your home, we take great pride in the knowledge and skills that our professionals possess; and their ability to find just the right product to fit the various needs of all of our customers. Purchasing awnings and other permanent fixtures to enhance the beauty, value, and functionality of your home can be a big and sometimes overwhelming decision. Our experts strive to make this process as painless for our customers as possible, lending advice and information so that you can make a confident and informed decision about your purchase. We try hard to understand the individual needs of our customers to make sure that they purchase the right product that fits their special needs. We want you to be happy for many years to come.

Service After The Sale

During the final walk-through, Austin Roofing Companies will provide you with a well-organized project portfolio containing all quotes, contracts, invoices and manufacturer warranties, contact phone numbers, and emails.

This Austin Roofing Company will review all the documents with you – in detail – and provide you with complete instructions on what to do should any problem arise. And it doesn’t matter how long it’s been since your work was completed, we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have or even come back if that’s what it takes!

Request Your Free  On-Site Assessment & Proposal Today!

If Roofing Company Austin sounds like a company you’d like to talk to, fill in the form below and arrange your no-obligation on-site assessment and proposal. We will be in touch shortly to schedule a time convenient for you.

This Austin Roofer Takes Worries Out Of Choosing A Roofing Contractor

The biggest obstacle in the way of a successful roofing project is choosing the right roofing contractor to do the work. Asking the right questions is likely the key to selecting the roofing contractor that you will do the best job. Ask the contractor is they are:

  • Certified in the Dallas/Fort Worth area to perform roofing work
  • Insured to at least $1,000,000.00
  • Do they have a proven track record for providing quality roofing services throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex
  • Is the roofing contractor committed to ongoing roof training to ensure the highest quality installation of the latest roofing products
  • Willing and able to pull the proper roofing permits
  • Willing to warranty their work In writing with at least a 10 year labor warrantee.

Choosing San Antonio Roofing is your guarantee that you’ll be working with a quality, reputable, dependable and professional roofing contractor – not some out of town ” Hail Storm Chaser” that will be gone as soon as the dust settles.

We Offer Factory-Certified Installation

To ensure your Absolute satisfaction, Austin Roofing has been trained with an extensive educational program developed by GAF-ELK’s technical experts – this allows us to stay current in the latest roof installation techniques for the latest products. In fact, our foremen have been committed to quality installation training using GAF-ELK’s industry-leading educational products and tools.

Superior Protection

People usually think that a new roof is nothing more than a contractor coming out and just nailing up a few shingles. We know better, so we recommend our patented 3 Part Roof Protection System. This gives you the ultimate protection against a variety of common roofing problems. Plus, each of the components used in the patented system has earned the prestigious Good Housekeeping Seal!

“WorryFree” & “Hassle-Free” Warranties

Due to Texas roofing’s unique factory-certified status, all of the roofs we install are eligible for special warranties – all backed by GAF-ELK’s financial clout as North America’s largest roofing manufacturer. After all, a warranties are only as good as the manufacturer and roofing contractor that stands behind them. With a GAF-ELK roof, you know that you will be covered throughout the warranty period – with out fail! Just ask us about which warranty option would be the best choice for your home or business.

Your Best Choice

Don’t just trust your largest asset to just any roofing contractor. Davis Central Texas Roofing is Austin’s most trusted roofing contractor and for a very good reason. We show professionalism and character in absolutely all of our business dealings!