Austin Patio Shades & Awnings

Here are some of the products we offer : Motorized shades, roller shades, retractable awnings, plantation shutters, sun shades, screened porches, hurricane shutters and other window treatments. If you are looking for it, we have you covered.

Patio Screens & Enclosures

Depending on your home’s architecture, there are some instances where prefabricated screen enclosure kits can be used and save hundreds of dollars in assembly, instead of building them from scratch. Generally, a deluxe version of this kit can run between eighty-six on up to one dollar per inch. Remember when doing additions on your home, it is an investment, so doing even a project like this should be done without half measures, as you want to increase the value of your home with every addition that is made. One way of finding a contractor worthy of your business is drive around nearby neighborhoods seeking homes that have had this addition done in the past. Then ask them kindly who did the work for them and if you can have their contact information.

You can also have see-through vinyl shades installed to help keep rain or cold weather out in the winter and still enjoy your porch. The ultimate situation would dictate having removable glass windows that you can store during spring, summer and fall and then reinstall when the snow season creeps back in for the duration of winter.

If you do not have a porch then can have a external room built in your back yard that is open on all sides with a patio screen enclosure like system setup so you can enjoy the indirect sunlight and the fresh air while napping away in the heat of the day. These outdoor additions will cost more than enclosing a porch but can also double as a pavilion for outdoor barbecues, birthday parties, and neighborhood social events. The cost of a project like this can easily run up to the ten thousand dollar mark, and triple that if you have a full outdoor kitchen installed.

Retractable Outdoor Patio Screens – Austin TX

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A patio is a great gathering spot. Families can start the day with coffee or breakfast while watching the sun come up. Parties and special events can also be hosted on the patio and create lasting memories. But a patio has drawbacks.
Exterior Solar Screen Shades provide glare and heat protection from the setting sun.Patio shades allow for an open feel, while offering privacy from neighbors. Exterior solar screen shades block up to 95% of the heat and UV rays while still maintaining the view.

Security Shutters – Austin TX

Security Shutters - Austin TX
Rolling security shutters for residential or commercial property, manual and motorized. Roll away steel window security shutters also offer storm protection. All from Davis Shading Systems including our online how-to-install video.

Storm Shutters – Austin TX

Storm Shutters - Austin TX
Rolling security shutters for residential or commercial property

Motorized Window Shades – Austin TX

Motorized Window Shades - Austin TX
Motorized window coverings including blinds, shutters from Davis Shading Systems.

Roller Window Shades – Austin TX

Roller Window Shades - Austin TX
Roller window shades, manual and motorized from light filtering blackout shades to fabric shades that allow the sunlight through. Residential and commercial window shades from Cortina Shading Systems shipped nationally.

Roman Shades – Austin TX

Woven Wood Shades -Austin TX
Roman Shades are a very popular window treatment option among homeowners.

Woven Wood Shades -Austin TX

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Woven wood blinds are a very environmentally friendly type of window treatment. Due to the materials used in their construction woven wood shades offer a natural look that has a strong following by many involved in the green movement.

Retractable Awnings – Austin TX

Retractable Awnings - Austin TX
Retractable awnings are a great addition to any home. Many choose to add retractable awnings to their homes for the simple fact that they increase value of their homes, protect their homes from the weather elements, and are quite appealing to the eye.

Plantation Shutters – Austin TX

Plantation Shutters - Austin TX
Decorating a home can seem like an overwhelming task. All of the different options, and choices within options, can seem a bit too much. Colors, patterns, finishes, paint vs. wallpaper, blinds vs. shutters, carpet vs. hardwood, etc., etc., etc. can be taking on even the most organized person.

So when you invite us into your home to make an improvement for your family, it’s a matter of personal pride as your neighbor that you get exactly what you want. It’s your home and our good name in our community. That’s why our number one priority is to give you the best quality products and the kind of customer service you don’t find anymore. And we back it all with a written warranty that we know you won’t need – but it’s there if you do. You’ll deal directly with the owners. That means personal service all the way through. From helping you design the perfect sunroom that fits your home, budget and lifestyle dreams to hands-on involvement in the installation – and everything in between.

Installation. When it comes to installation, we make sure that’s perfect too. Our one-step-at-a-time installation system is organized, safe and neat (we clean as we go!). Nothing is overlooked. Not only will you love your new sunroom, you’ll love the process, with minimal disruption to your life and maximum respect to your home and property.

Certified Experience. We’re very proud that the number one manufacturer of thermal sunrooms awarded Sunshine Sunroom and Patio Co. the exclusive right to be your TEMO sunroom dealer, serving the entire state of California. Sunshine Sunroom and Patio Co. had to prove that we meet the highest standards of quality. We also completed rigorous manufacturer training to become certified as an authorized TEMO sunroom design and installation expert.