What to look for in Roof Truss Design Software

The task of building a house is not exactly an easy one, and this is why expert architects and designers are generally hired to help with the process.

A home that has been built to be structurally whole while still making the most of the space and remaining appealing to the eye can be quite a challenge. Unfortunately, the roof is often left out or overlooked in this process, but this is where roof truss design software can be of help.

CAD (computer aided design) software allows engineers and architects to design three dimensional virtual building models on a computer. The design can be rotated and examined from all angles and the software is less expensive than building actual models. CAD programs can also provide specifications to insure that roof truss designs will perform as expected.

Whether you are building a new home or simply remodeling an existing home, taking the design of the roof trusses into consideration can add to the aesthetic appeal of your home, as well as provide a more structurally sound design. Roof truss design software can help you or the building experts you have hired determine the best type of truss to be used in your home. By using roof truss design software, you could find ways to add extra space to your home, allowing for extra insulation, or even extra storage space. Roof truss design software can also be helpful in determining which type of truss will provide the most protection to your home. If you live in an area that frequently experiences tornadoes, hurricanes, or high winds, certain truss designs can help protect against this. If you live in an area prone to earthquakes or shifts in ground plates, using roof truss design software can help you see how certain truss designs will give your home the most protection against shifting and bending in the walls of the structure.

Examples of Roof Truss Design Software

No special equipment is needed for CAD software as it can be installed on any PC. Some roof truss companies have proprietary CAD software that has been designed exclusively for their use, but there are CAD truss design software programs that are available to contractors, engineers and architects. When given the specifications for a building, CAD software can choose the most efficient truss design, supply the specifications for creating the design and a display a 3-D model of the finished truss.

Special Training

Although CAD software is relatively simple to use, some training is usually required. Most design and engineering schools require that students take courses in the use of CAD software. Contractors intending to use CAD software for truss design should enroll in a college level course for training so they can maximize their use of the software. While truss design is a specialty, CAD software is capable of many design functions.

If you are interested in trying out roof design software yourself you will find that there are a variety of different roof truss design software programs available for trial or free use.  Examples of these programs are MATruss, FrameSolver 2D and Roof Builder. All three are available for free download, but none are CAD programs. Some users may find these programs easier to use than 3D software programs and they can help determine the best design for roof trusses in a particular building.

Online Demonstrations of Roof Truss Design Software

For those who do not want to take the time to try out different truss design software programs, there are websites that offer free demonstrations of exactly what different design software programs can do. Those who are not accustomed to using design software may find the programs confusing, but the demonstrations may help novices understand how the software can be used. The demonstrations even show how different types of roof trusses may be used within the same house.

License Only Truss Design Software

TRUSS4 is a license only roof truss design software which can be purchased through Fine Civil Engineering. It is one of the most complete truss design software programs available and it not only performs all the necessary calculations for wood truss design, it even provides automatic reports for machinery equipment to manufacture the trusses. This is probably more software than the average contractor needs for designing roof trusses.

Using Roof Truss Design Software

If you do not want to go to all of the trouble of trying out roof truss design software, demonstrations are available on the internet that will show you the basics of what the software is capable of doing. Roof truss design software can be intimidating, especially to the novice computer user. You may find it useful and fun, however, in exploring the roof truss options that are available, and in observing the benefits that each type of design can provide. You will also be able to see how different styles of roof trusses can be used within the same house, giving you more options on customizing the appearance of the rooms in your house. The outside of the house will have a consistent appearance no matter how many types of roof trusses are used.

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