Attic Trusses & Roof Design

Roof Truss Designs with Attic Room Space

The reason that many people and builders prefer beam and rafter construction to roof trusses is that many truss designs do not leave any usable attic space. Homeowners often want the option of converting the attic into additional living space, and some truss designs make that option impossible. Trusses can even limit attic storage space.

Luckily, there are attic truss designs that leave open space that may be used for storage or converted to additional living space in the future.

Attic Trusses Prices

Roof trusses are pre-manufactured and are delivered to the building site to be installed by the contractor. They are usually less expensive than beam and rafter construction and save on labor costs. The average attic trusses prices come around to about $75.00, but roof trusses that allow open attic space may cost as much as $180.00. The additional expense should be weighed against the amount of potential living space that is gained. An open attic can add value to a house since it allows for expansion.

Attic Trusses Designs

Attic TrussesAttic roof trusses are designed to give the building a standard eight-foot tall attic space.  The design of the trusses does not change the exterior appearance of the home.  The most common type of attic truss design in residential construction is the double cantilever style. Unlike standard roof trusses, an attic truss leaves most of the area beneath the roof open and framed, so adding walls and a ceiling at a later time is fairly inexpensive and can be easily accomplished even as a DIY project.

Adding Value to the Home

If standard trusses are used in the attic, the roof and trusses would have to be removed and replaced before additional living space could be added. Since the foundation and the roof are the most expensive areas of home construction, this could be prohibitive to expansion in terms of the costs involved. In some homes, adding additional living space in the attic would not even be an option.  Home buyers appreciate the potential living space offered by attic trusses, and houses constructed this way usually sell for more than houses without attics.

Saving Money with Open Attic Trusses

Attic roof truss designs are more expensive than other types of trusses, but ordering from a manufacturer in the area can save money on shipping costs.  Although attic trusses are more expensive than standard trusses, they are less labor intensive than rafter and beam (stick) construction and they take less time to install, which saves money on labor costs. Most contractors state that stick construction may have higher material costs than trusses due to waste, plus they can be installed by less-skilled workers, unlike in stick construction.

There are advantages to constructing a roof with attic trusses. They offer savings over stick construction and add value to a house. If a family needs more space they can add an additional room or two rather than selling the house and moving to a larger one. More square footage, whether it is finished or unfinished, equals money when selling a house. Houses with attics and/or basements are priced higher and are more attractive to buyers than those without extra space are.  So attic trusses may be worth the extra cost.

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