Roof Truss Prices

The average roof truss prices depend on a number of factors including the size of the roof, the pitch of the roof and the type of materials used to build the truss.

The design of the truss chosen for a particular project also impacts the price. For instance, certain designs use more materials or are more labor intensive than other designs which make them more expensive. Pre-manufactured roof trusses are less expensive than trusses which are built on site.

Roof Trusses Prices vs the Cost of Framing Traditionally

Roof Truss Prices

The price of framing a roof traditionally can be quite a bit more expensive than the prices for roof trussesRoof trusses prices are usually cheaper because they require far less time and labor to construct than a traditional roof that is manually built and framed.

The roof truss frame will be pre-manufactured, and may be constructed in such a way that additional items such as ceiling joists or rafters will not be needed. Even the more complex structures of roof trusses will be cheaper than traditional methods, because they are also manufactured ahead of time.

When steel is used to fabricate roof trusses the price per truss is higher than it is for wood. Steel trusses are primarily used in commercial buildings, not home construction. The type of wood and the amount of materials needed impacts the price of wood roof trusses. If the trusses are to be covered with sheet rock or hidden in an attic, less expensive woods and finishing techniques are used. Exposed trusses usually use more expensive woods and finer finishes.

Actual Roof Truss Prices

Because roof truss prices can be considerably cheaper than the price of building a traditional roof frame, they are an excellent option to consider when you are building or remodeling on a budget. On average, roof trusses for sale in the United States will run somewhere between $1 and $3 for each linear foot of material used. Roof truss pricescan vary according to the length, the width, and the construction of the roof truss frame used. Materials other than wood will cause the roof truss prices to be higher. Most residential housing will use wood, whereas most commercial buildings will use other materials such as steel or aluminum.

The roof truss prices of two identical frames; where one has been built with wood framing and one has been built with steel framing will vary at about a 14% difference for material costs, and about a 5% difference for labor costs, with the wood framing being the cheaper choice of the two. This is only a rough estimate because changes in the cost of the various materials can vary; therefore you should research roof truss prices before jumping to a decision.

Roof trusses prices should not be affected a great deal where labor is concerned, regardless of any change in the cost of materials. The time it takes to put together the truss will remain the same. This fact means you will always have a savings in roof truss prices because you will not be paying for the extra time and labor needed to construct them.

Gang Nail Roof Truss Prices

Gang nail trusses are the least expensive and lightest weight roof trusses for home construction and they are pre-fabricated and delivered to building sites. Gang nail trusses use many small pieces of wood and get their strength from distribution of the forces of tension and compression in the roof. The trusses are designed to fit the specifications of each home and they use a gang nail plate, a metal plate with multiple embedded nails to fasten the trusses to the house structures.

Size and Pitch of the Roof

One reason it is difficult to determine the average roof truss prices is because the size and pitch of the roof often determine the best design for roof trusses. Size and pitch also have an effect on the amount of materials used to build a truss. One of the most expensive roof truss designs is the scissors truss which is often used in exposed beam construction, meaning that higher quality materials must be used and the beams must be finished, raising the cost even more.

Cheaper roof truss prices and Finding roof trusses for sale

Everything is cheaper when purchased in bulk, so even when considering the inexpensive gang nail truss, a builder constructing a dozen homes with the same roof design will pay less per truss than a builder constructing a single home. The average price for gang nail trusses is between $50 and $60 for contractors. Prices for other types of roof trusses are higher and custom exposed roof trusses may cost hundreds of dollars each.

Businesses can benefit from the advantages of cheaper roof truss prices as well as residential home builders. Many pre-fabricated frames and supports are available for buildings other than the residential type, and can be a great costs savings. Building plans and blueprints can often be purchased along with these pre-fabricated trusses, extending the cost of savings even more. Additionally, the rate of construction can go by much more quickly by using these things, which also means you will see savings when paying your labor crew for their time.

The savings in time and labor are an added bonus, as well as the satisfaction of having completed your project in a timelier manner than with traditional roofing methods.

Determining the average roof truss prices is difficult since so many variables are involved in determining the price of a roof truss. Most homes that are priced in the low to mid range use the gang nail truss, but custom and high end homes often feature cathedral ceilings with exposed roof trusses which are considerably more expensive. The size, pitch and design of the roof are often the greatest determining factors in the roof truss prices.


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