Texas Roof Leaks: The Most Common Places They Occur

The majority of homeowners (or renters) have experienced dealing with a leaky roof at some point. While this is a common household problem, the good news is that it is highly preventable. If you can identify the usual sources or causes of a leak in the roof, you can spare yourself and your family from the trouble of having to position empty bins around the house to catch the water. In South Florida, where the climate has just enough “tropical” to invite constant rain, it’s best to get professional help the moment you see signs of leaking.

Do you know when a leak is coming? Where does it usually start? We’ve listed the most common sources to prepare you for the next time it happens.


If you haven’t cleaned your gutters for a while now, chances are it’s going to be a source of a future leak. Gutters can get clogged by leaves and dirt. The stagnant water then causes your gutter’s integrity to deteriorate and, thereby, cause leaks. The water might also freeze in the canals and result to more problems beyond leaks. You should have your gutters cleaned regularly as a preventive measure.


Constant exposure to the elements can damage your shingles over time. So when the water passes during heavy rain, the water could seep into the underlayment and, eventually, into your house. Regularly check shingles for looping and crumpling, baggy granules and missing marks to you can fix them instantly when the sun is still shining.

Vents and Pipes

Pipes and vents get damaged after a few years and could be the source of leaks. Always check the flashing of the parts to identify loose spots and points of corrosion.

Around Chimneys

This is one of the most common leak sources. The flashing in and around your chimney sometimes disengages as it ages or because of rust. This will be easy to spot because it fills a huge gap between your chimney and the roof. Once you see a change in position or integrity, call a South Florida roof leak expert right away to nip the problem in the bud before things get worse.

Around ice dams

Those chunks of ice that frame the edge of rooftops can gather water and cause major leaks. Whether or not your roof is in excellent condition, once these clog up and melt, you’ve got a potential problem.

There are other areas in the home that could lead to leaks when not checked in time. If you’re still unsure about where and how to spot possible problem sources, it’s best to get the advice of professional roof leak service providers in Palm Beach just to be sure.

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