Option for Patio Covers – Aluminum or Wood?

Keeping the hot sun off you and your family during the Austin summer months can be tough when you want to enjoy the outdoors. The purchase of patio sun shades may initially seem to be a straightforward one, but once you start investigating and realize that there are a multitude of styles and features to suit each price range, and then it can feel like a complex maze. When choosing patio sun screens or covers, it is a good idea to consider the following:

Aluminum Patio Covers

A rather inexpensive solution is aluminum patio covers. They extend out from the edge of your home covering the back porch giving instant shade. These are great not only for just getting out of the sun, but for any type of social gatherings, cookouts, and holiday celebrations in your back yard. Depending on the size of your outdoor living area, these metallic covers can cost between twelve hundred and seven thousand dollars.

The high-end units are the size of a double carport, measuring sixteen by twenty two feet, which would allow you to create an outdoor living room and kitchen simultaneously under the covered area. Some very nice decorative outdoor living furniture, and a modestly built kitchen will run about ten to twenty thousand dollars, depending on your budget and the level of extravagance you would like to achieve. Also, installing a couple of remote operated outdoor ceiling fans will not only help cool you and your guests off but help evacuate any smoke from when cooking on the grill or stove.

Patio Cover Installation in Austin

Finding a good contractor to install the patio cover is very easy as you can contact the manufacturer and ask them who is a certified installer in your area. They will gladly give you the contact information so the crew can be ready when your new purchase shows up in a couple of weeks. They may also have a list of contractors already posted on their website for you use. It is preferable that you call and ask them who out of the contractors in your area has the most experience and offers the best customer service possible.

Maintenance on patio covers is minimal; just keep the leaves, twigs, and branches off the top. Ask the installer also if it would be a good idea to have a roof of the patio cover topped of with roofing tar for extra protection. The only real damage that can be done to this type of covering is the event of extra large hail, like double the size of golf balls. Ask the manufacturer what the limitations for extreme weather are on the cover before you make your final selection and purchase. This may also determine if you need a different model for the area that you reside.

Wood Patio Covers

There are many different ways to cover your patio but none more stylish or practical than a wood patio cover. Having a patio cover is an excellent idea for extending your existing living space and for creating a relaxing entertainment area. A wood patio cover will allow you to utilize the space regardless of weather conditions. Wood patio covers come in a variety of styles and sizes and it is important to do some research before deciding on the right choice for you.

Patio Cover Options

The possibilities when it comes to putting in a wood patio cover are endless. There are so many designs and types available that it can become quite confusing. If you already have a patio area you will need to design a patio cover or buy an existing patio cover that will fit the area. Many hardware stores have prefabricated wood patio covers, which may be an affordable option if you have a standard size patio area. In most cases the hardware store will also offer the service of hiring tradesmen who are willing to come and install this patio cover for you. If your patio is not the standard size you could consider partially covering the area or having an architect or building company design the patio cover for you. If you do not have a patio area as yet you will have greater flexibility in choosing patio covers as you can fit the patio area to the patio cover. Wood patio covers can generally be made in any shape and style and can be painted to match the color of your house adding to the character and appeal of your exterior.

Materials and Costs

Wood is still the most popular choice when constructing patio sun shades as it allows for flexibility of design, is easy to work with and easy to obtain. The type of wood that you choose to use when designing a wood patio cover will also impact the on the aesthetics of the cover. You also need to consider the maintenance and life time of your patio when choosing materials as harder woods may be more durable. Another choice to consider is whether you want a fully roofed wood patio cover or a slated roof cover that will allow the light and air in. This will significantly change the cost of your patio cover. Patio covers can cost anywhere from $3000 upwards depending on the size of the area covered and the types of materials used.

The DIY Option

A more cost effective way of securing the patio cover that you have always wanted is to construct the patio cover yourself. There are many DIY patio cover kits available on the market for those who want the patio cover but are not master builders. The companies selling these kits will take your patio measurements and provide you with a quote to create a DIY kit. They will then ship or deliver your personalized patio kit with all the necessary materials and instructions. If you are a little more adventurous and have the necessary skills you can design and create your own wood patio covers and pay the amount you want. There are many internet sites available to help you get started. When building your own patio cover make sure to check with the local council about building permits and conditions before beginning work.


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