6 Challenges Installing Roof Shingles

Installing Roof Shingles DIY Do-it-yourself enthusiasts love roofing-related projects especially installing roof shingles. Indeed, roof shingle installation is the easiest process compared to installing other roofing materials. Any experienced DIY roofer has the ability to install shingles properly. New DIY roofers may need more experience in handling roofing materials and the installation procedure. DIY roofers …

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Hot Melt Roofing

What is hot melt roofing?

Hot melt roofing is undoubtedly one of the best ways to fix roof leaks or cracks. It also provides a seamless finish that leaves no mark and makes you roof good as new. Hot melt is a membrane that is applied directly to a prepared structural deck as a hot liquid to form an entirely …

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Roof Repointing

What is Roof Repointing?

Roof Repointing – A Complete Guide Anybody who has a decent knowledge of roof maintenance has a clear idea about roof repointing. Pointing roofing materials is a common issue that you have to face from time to time. Repairing and maintaining your roof can be difficult enough without the additional confusion that comes with the …

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Roof Snow Load Calculator

Roof snow loads are computed in pounds per square foot using the ground snow load as the basis for calculation. If you are building a roof on a residential or storage structure in a region that receives snowfall, then you must consider snow load when choosing the design and materials. If too much snow falls …

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7/12 Roof Pitch

7/12 Roof Pitch Information 7/12 Roof Pitch 22½ Degrees Also referred to as 7/12 roof slope, 7 on 12, 7 to 12, and 7/12 roof angle. Roof pitch refers to the amount of rise a roof has compared to the horizontal measurement of the roof called the run. The picture below shows the pitch of …

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