Austin Woven Wood Shades

Woven wood blinds are a very environmentally friendly type of window treatment. Due to the materials used in their construction woven wood shades offer a natural look that has a strong following by many involved in the green movement.

Woven wood shades are fashioned from various types of wood as well as bamboo. Other items such as reeds, jute, and grasses are combined as a type of trim to create the look. Based on the materials these shades have an earthy appearance.

Key Features

  • Woven woods are the natural perfect insulator against summer’s heat and winter’s cold.
  • Woven woods are organic natural biodegradable material.
  • Woven woods are created and finished to preserve the natural beauty in the grain and texture.

Design for the art of living.
We offer the finest woven materials available in the world today, with the latest styles to make any room comfortable, refreshing and relaxing. All of our woven wood and hand woven shades are carefully created and finished to preserve and enhance the natural beauty, grain and texture of the bamboo, reeds and natural grasses from which they are crafted. With 97 exotic patterns to choose from and a vast array of decorative and functional options, you are sure to fall in love with this exceptional offering.

The products that go into making woven wood shades are typically cast offs from other manufacturing processes such as furniture and floor making. Due to wood’s inherent qualities, light is filtered into the room in a natural way that reduces glare. The overall effect of woven wood shades makes the room pleasant and warm to look at. Houston Woven wood shades are offered as a roll-up style or in the popular Roman shade style. With the intricate designs available, woven wood shades can accentuate a hardwood floor, wooden chair rail, or can be used to simply enhance the overall theme of the room.

Woven wood shades are perfect for rooms in which the user prefers to have some natural sunlight at all times. The filtering process allows a bit of light to shine through and makes the room look really inviting.

Maintenance on woven wood shades can be accomplished by simply cleaning them with a static charge cleaner or a cotton cloth. A gentle rub is all it takes to remove any accumulated dust or dirt.