Retractable Patio Screens – Austin Exterior Solar Screens

A patio is a great gathering spot for your Houston home. Families can start the day with coffee or breakfast while watching the sun come up. Parties and special events can also be hosted on the patio and create lasting memories. But a patio has drawbacks. The constant glare from the sun usually makes it too hot to stay for a long period of time. The glare can also hurt your eyes as well as your outdoor furniture. Outdoor patio screens can reduce these problems and make the patio a fun spot again.

Retractable Shade Screens offer a host of applications for problem areas requiring sensitive shading solutions. Shade Screens retract down over windows when shade is required without obstructing the view.

Benefits of Exterior Solar Screens

  • Maximum Sun Protection
  • Undistorted Visibility
  • Reduces Solar Gain
  • Compliments any Architecture
  • Retracts out of sight when not in use

Key Features

Basic patio sun shades are manual i.e. you have a pole or rope that you need to pull in order that the shade comes out. When there is limited sun, then the shade is simply folded away. However, messing around with poles and ropes for many is tiresome and a good alternative is a retractable version. These typically come with a remote control so that upon a press of a button you are able to move your shade in or out. A much more sophisticated version of this is retractable types, which have a built in sun or wind sensor. These are able to decide automatically whether there is sufficient sun to be extracted. In this way, the piece will move automatically to cover you when there is sun and retract when there is shade. The additional advantage of this system is that the sun senor even works when you are not there, so your furniture etc is constantly protected.

  • 25′ Max width
  • 20’ Max Height
  • Fabric Protection: 85, 90, and 95%
  • Housing Colors: White, Off White, Almond, Bronze, Black, Navajo, Brown, Dark Brown, Green, Champagne, Grey


The simplest style consists of a square or rectangle of cloth, which covers the patio area. Although this standard version is satisfactory, you can add much more style through having a specific design, such as a sail etc. However, the additional style means additional cost.

  • 1/5/6/16 Channel Remotes
  • Sun Sensor
  • Wind Sensor
  • Timers
  • My Link – control RTS motor with mobile devices


Like anything that is made for outdoor use, your patio awning needs to be very durable against the weather and sun. If you are inspecting the material in the store, ensure that you check the stitching since with the everyday movement of the shade the stitching needs to be strong to avoid tearing or holes in the seams.

  • 3”, 4”, and 5” Extruded Aluminum Housing
  • Powder Coated
  • Operation: Manual/Standard & Radio Frequency Motors
  • Guide System: Cable Guide & Shy Zip Tracks

The latest patio screens provide the best of both worlds. They stop the heat and strong sunlight from reaching the patio, allowing you to enjoy your time outside. They also allow you to feel unrestrained unlike a solid wall or window.

Outdoor patio screens can also provide a sense of privacy. Many of the common styles have a one-way view. People from the inside can view the outside area. However, the mesh screen is formed in a way that outside onlookers cannot see into the patio. Outdoor patio screens are made in different textures and densities. Almost any outdoor setting can be accommodated by the various types of screens. Whether it is a condo balcony with lots of wind or a backyard patio with three open areas, a patio screen will make the time spent outdoors much more enjoyable for everyone. Different track systems and cable guides are available to ensure the screens stay in place and are easy to lower or raise.

In order to make your outdoor space as useful as possible, there are a number of extras that you can purchase to enhance your space. These include a series of outdoor lighting, both mains and free standing, as well as outdoor heating systems. Overall, your patio space can be much more than a patio, but more like a whole new room resulting in a new outdoors lifestyle. Take your time to wind your way through the complexities of furnishing your patio and putting up your sun shades and soon you could be enjoying a totally new lifestyle.

Retractable Sun Shade

There are days in the spring and fall that you want to enjoy the full sun when sitting on your back porch or patio. Then during the intense heat of July and August you want to keep cool and not burn to a crisp. There is really only one solution to having the best of both of these worlds. The answer is having a retractable sun shade installed to help keep direct sun from burning you and your family up during the summer months. The shades come in a couple of varieties, one with a manual extension and retracting feature, or an automated model that handles everything with an electric motor.

Most people will love the fact that there are about forty plus colors to choose from when having a sun shade built for your home. Since every unit is custom built for each client, even odd shaped areas that need to be covered are not a problem. Usually it is best to also email photos to the manufacturer along with the dimensions so they know exactly how to build out your order correctly. This is not a do-it-yourself type installation and requires an installer with training and experience to make sure you will have years and years of use from your new awning.

Financing is available direct from the makers of this product so it will not put such a dent in you savings account. They have flexible terms that will fit just about any customer’s income and budget constraints. For a sixteen by ten foot shade and depending on the options and materials ordered. The monthly payment can be from about eighty-three dollars up to about two hundred and fifty dollars per month. The higher monthly payments are due to using expensive hardwoods like teak or mahogany in the construction.

Ask the company when talking about price of your retractable sun shade, if they have any clients close by that you could actually see their product already installed and in working order. They may have a list of previous clients they are willing to let you contact. What you really want to find out besides making sure you get a quality installer, is how the company has treated the client you are visiting after the sale. Are they still helpful with questions, and technical support? Have they had a good experience with any warranty work if needed, and how does the finance department treat them if slightly late with a payment.