Austin Motorized Shades

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Austin Motorized Solar Shades

The newly advanced motorized shades can add convenience to any home. Tasks such as lowering the shades on those high windows or simply drawing the blinds when nobody is home can now be handled by a few switches.

Motorized shades were previously an envious luxury that only the richest of the rich could afford. But developments in the components have lowered the prices to make them within reach of most homeowners. Users can choose between a remote control similar to the devices used for televisions or they can get sensors that monitor temperatures and amounts of sunlight.

Key Features

  • Great for extremely high or difficult to reach windows
  • Adjust shades in rooms without the need to get up
  • Great for elderly who have trouble getting up
  • Added protection from sunlight.
  • No Cords!!


  • Many different brand fabrics available for Solar and blackout protection
  • Multiple Motor options:
    • Hardwired with switches
    • Radio Frequency Signal (RTS)
    • Home Automation connectivity
    • AC Powered, low voltage
    • Solar/Battery powered
  • Multiple Fascia Valance Types
    • 3″/4″ Round and Square Fascia
    • Fabric Wrapped Fascia
  • Dual Shade Systems
  • Blackout channel and Bottoms Sills

Motorized shades are wonderful devices can be used in homes as well as offices and other commercial settings in order to get the maximum benefit from windows. Motorized shades offer an easy way to handle all types of window requirements.

Lowering your motorized shades during the day can protect your furniture, floor coverings and photographs from damage due to the sun’s powerful rays. Motorized shades can be set to lower in the early evening to give the illusion that someone is home when you are actually away on vacation. This is a great way to add security and privacy when your home is vacant.

Our window treatment expert can discuss your specific needs and applications to determine the best options for adding motorized shades to your current window set up.